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Here are some examples of searches to assist you:

If you want to find all members with the name Joe, Joey, Joesie, etc., enter the text to use for the search. The search is refined as you add more characters to the text field. For instance Joe retrieves all records with Joe, Joey, Joesie. If you enter Joey, You will eliminate the Joe's and Joesie's.

First enter the text... Then select the type of search: Company Name, Key Contact, City, or Zip Code.

(the search boxes below are only images. You will have to return to the search page to make selections)

For example, to find the Joe's, select the Key Contact
as the field to search with the entered text.

If you also want to find all the Joes in a particular type of business, select the type.

Finally, if you want to also find all the Joe's in Public Relations
and just in Mecklenburg county, select the county.

When you click the Search button, the results of the search will appear.

Click on the ID number on the left to retrieve the details of this members record.

If your search returns more than 20 records, you can use the First, Previous, Next and Last arrows
to move from page to page.


If you want to find all Joe's in the NCCBI database

(1) Enter the text (Joe)
(2) Select the Key Contact field
(3) Select the Search All Types
(4) Select the Search All Counties
(5) Click the Search Button


If you just want to see who's in the database, leave the text field blank and click the search button.
This will return all members in the database (the search will take a little longer to complete).

You can also use this feature to search for all business types or all business types
in any county by leaving the Search Text field blank
and then selecting the desired types and counties in steps (3) and (4) above.


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