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North Carolina Magazine Index for July 1999

Cover Your Gaps
Storms and other violent acts of nature may make the headlines, but more commonly it’s the humdrum fires, thefts, burglaries, liability suits and auto accidents that bring a business to its knees and owners to the brink of bankruptcy. Find out what insurance experts recommend to make sure your business is covered for any eventuality.

Growing in the Job
Stephen Miller, who in his 22-year history with the The Biltmore Company has worked his way up from stablehand to senior vice president, helps steer the company to a bright future while preserving a historic past.

Profs and Profits
Increased cooperation among universities and business has resulted in technological advances that make certain industrial processes more economical and environmentally friendly.

Halifax County
After years of fighting to reverse its reputation as an economically deprived county, Halifax has become one of the most promising economic development stories in North Carolina. With a banner year in industrial recruitment and a burgeoning tourism business, Halifax County’s stock is on the rise.

Reliving Railroading
One of the state’s hidden treasures, the N.C. Transportation Museum in Spencer tells a fascinating story of people and machines from a time when the railroads reigned.


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