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Position: NCCBI supports the current method of annexation as long as: the impact on unincorporated areas is publicly clarified; benefits and services are provided in a reasonable time frame; and taxpayers are protected from "tax grabs" which tend to destroy a healthy business climate.

Explanation: Suburbs spring up because of the attractions of the nearby city, economic or cultural. Most annexations are at this time voluntary. As areas develop, residents need more services. As cities grow, they need more tax base. These needs are mutually met in annexation.

Planned, orderly growth through annexation can prevent multiple and duplicative governmental units which can be inefficient and costly. Annexation builds the economic strength of cities and surrounding areas, which in turn enhances the opportunities for better education and cultural amenities, making them more attractive in their quality of life.

Studies of more than 500 central cities in the United States show the advantages of cities able to expand their bases. According to David Rusk in Cities without Suburbs, the strongest regions had "elastic" cities in respect to annexation. Those which did not have this flexibility suffered growing numbers of poor people, fiscal woes, and urban decay. This downward spiral eventually makes the original attractiveness of the surrounding region decline as well.

Consideration may need to be given to those taxpayers that provide their own water, sewer and fire protection. However, as long as a balance can be maintained between the rights of those in cities and those in unincorporated areas, annexation laws should continue unencumbered.

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