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Support for Community Colleges

Position:  NCCBI supports an increase in legislative support for non-curriculum instruction (occupational continuing education courses and basic skills instruction) and a revision in the method of funding instructional equipment,

Explanation: The North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges is currently reviewing the funding of both non-curriculum instruction and instructional equipment based upon requests from the General Assembly.

Currently non-curriculum instruction to support workforce development is funded at a level that is significantly less than courses leading to a degree or diploma. This will facilitate a simplified funding structure, and will fund all formula instructional programs at the same rate. Similarly, instructional equipment support is woefully inadequate as colleges attempt to help provide employers and employees with the level of technological skills and knowledge they require. NCCBI supports bringing the level of support for non-curriculum instruction to the current level of funding for degree and diploma courses. Further, support for instructional equipment through increased funding, a shortened equipment replacement cycle and a proposed "Equipment Reserve" fund should also be approved by the General Assembly.

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