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Position: NCCBI supports the employment-at-will doctrine because it is beneficial to employer and employee alike: it allows businesses to respond to fluctuations in the economy and to balance their labor force best, and it gives employees the freedom to seek new job opportunities as their talents and inclinations dictate. We oppose any erosion of employment- at-will.

Explanation: Employers and employees in North Carolina have operated under the doctrine of "employment-at-will" for many years. This concept means that the employment relationship continues at the discretion of both parties. In other words, employees can decide to quit a job for any reason at any time, and likewise, employers can terminate an employee for any reason at any time-- as long as the employer does not violate any state or federal law. We believe these protections for the employee to be sufficient for those larger companies affected; for the smallest businesses, any further requirements for written contracts or regulations would be burdensome.

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