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Endangered Species/Critical Habitats

Position: NCCBI supports protection of our endangered species against unlawful takings and destruction, and believes that identifying and preserving critical habitats is meaningful. However, critical habitats are best preserved using a national perspective that assures a broad view of habitats. As a result, NCCBI supports the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) program that identifies and protects critical habitats for endangered species. NCCBI believes that the North Carolina General Statutes do not delegate authority to any state or local agency to promulgate rules to designate critical habitats for endangered species.

Explanation: NCCBI understands the importance of preserving critical habitats for endangered species.  However, a narrow focus on critical habitats, such as a state program which defines critical habitats within state, regional or county boundaries, does not consider the real inventory of critical habitats.  The result will be a higher level of protection than is warranted and will unfairly limit property owners’ rights.

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