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Long Term Care Insurance Incentives

Position: NCCBI supports incentives such as tax credits for individuals to promote the purchase of private long term care insurance. NCCBI also supports recent activity on long-term care legislation by the North Carolina General Assembly and the United States Congress, but feels that the legislation may need to be reexamined at some point in the future if it is not adequate.

Explanation: Nearly three-quarters of all the patients in North Carolina's nursing homes rely on the Medicaid program to pay for their care. With the aging of the population this will likely put more upward pressure on Medicaid spending in the future. At least part of this pressure can be alleviated by the private sector through the increased use of long term care insurance. Currently, less than two percent of nursing patients have such insurance to pay for their care. Incentives such as tax credits for premium payments would eventually lead to less reliance on governmentsponsored programs and more personal responsibility for the financing of long-term care (including nursing homes and home health care).

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