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Mandated Direct Reimbursements

Position: Generally, NCCBI opposes legislative efforts to mandate insurance companies to directly reimburse non-physician health care providers.

Explanation: Several non-physician health care providers have petitioned the General Assembly from time to time to require insurance companies to reimburse them directly for their services.

Presently, the N.C. General Statutes require direct reimbursement to some licensed providers who can practice without the supervision of a physician.

Direct third-party reimbursement to a non-physician health care provider most likely serves to increase the cost of health care. The non-physician health care providers requesting direct third party reimbursement may not take the place of any existing health care provider now providing those services. Instead, we may simply have more providers in the market place providing the services and receiving reimbursement. In most instances, the care is already provided in a cost-competitive manner.

Therefore each proposal for direct reimbursement should be examined carefully in light of these concerns.

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