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NCCBI Positions On Public Issues

This section contains NCCBI's positions on legislative issues that the association will pursue during the 2001-2002 session of the General Assembly. Positions are prepared after careful study by appropriate committees and are reviewed by the Executive Committee before adoption. The position papers guide our efforts with the General Assembly and appropriate agencies of state government. The position papers are posted here as Microsoft Word documents that are easily downloaded for printout:

Economic Development Committee positions
Education Committee positions
Environmental Concerns Committee positions
Health Care Committee positions
Legal Issues and Workplace Policies Committee positions
Tax and Fiscal Policies Committee positions
Transportation Committee positions

Below are the legislative positions that NCCBI advocated during the 1999-2000 session of the General Assembly. They are posted here for historical purposes only:

Civil Justice Positions
Judicial Selection And Retention In North Carolina
Workers' Compensation Reform
Future Of The Courts Commission
Business Court
Tort Reform
Contributory Negligence
Joint And Several Liability
Economic Development Positions
Workforce Preparedness
Support For Community Colleges
Support For Travel And Tourism
North Carolina State Ports
Support For Economic Development And Expansion Incentives

Education Positions
Early Childhood Education
Teacher Recruitment and Retention
Full Funding for Mandates
Information Technology
Opposition to Tax Credits
Parental and Community Involvement
Stay the Course
Support for Community Colleges
Teacher/Administrator Preparation Programs and Facilities

Employee-Employer Relations Positions
Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act
Wage Garnishment
Promoting Employment Reference Quality
Workers Compensation
Drug-Free Workplace

 Environmental Positions
Executive Summary
Administrative Procedures Act / Regulatory Reform
Air Quality
Brownfields Redevelopment
Endangered Species/Critical Habitats
Environmental Protection Policy
Environmental Justice
Pollution Prevention, Waste Reduction, And Energy Management
Risk Management
Sustainable Development and Growth Planning
Science Education
Water Quality Protection
Wetlands Protection

Governance Positions
Session Limits
Four Year Terms For Legislators
Judicial Selection And Retention In North Carolina
N.C. Budget Reform

Health Care Positions
Mandated Direct Reimbursements
Mandated Benefits
Expansion Of Medical Malpractice Liability
Long Term Care Insurance Incentives

Tax and Fiscal Policy Positions
Continue N.C. Budget Reform
Contingent Fee Audits
Defining "Doing Business" In North Carolina
Property Tax Exemptions For Construction In Progress And Product  Samples
Machinery Tax And Sales Tax
Change The Net Economic Loss (Nel) Carryover
Remove Credit Balances From The Definition Of Unclaimed Property
Remove Inventories From Franchise Tax Base
Sales Tax Discount
Single Sales Factor
Proposed Model Unclaimed Property Act
Allow an R&D Credit fot the Actual Amount of N.C. Expenditure

Transportation Positions
Transportation Planning & Funding
Highway Maintenance Funding
North Carolina State Ports
Rail Infrastructure
Coordination Among Regulatory Agencies
Motor Vehicle Safety Inspections

Feedback on  positions

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