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Index of selected contents 
of the July 2001 issue of 
North Carolina Magazine

Cover  Story

Smooth Move
Taking a proactive approach with ergonomics in your company 
or business can reduce workers’ compensation claims, 
increase morale and productivity and generally improve the bottom line.

Driving Costs Down
People in the know will tell you that owning beats renting in most instances, 
but companies are discovering that renting rather than owning company cars 
is one guaranteed way to put the brake on expenses.

Regional Profile

Local Touch, Global Vision
The 13 counties that comprise the Global TransPark Region are home 
to about 890,000 people and plenty of bright ideas. Strong leadership, sound planning 
and a unique vision bring hopes of economic growth as the 21st Century unfolds.

Executive Profile

Thinking Ahead
Charlotte corporate attorney Frank Emory loves the adversarial courtroom process
that defines winners and losers, and his career has defined him as the former.
One day, his success might take him to public office.

Tar Heel Travels
Sandhills Golf
The U.S. Women’s Open was an indisputable success for host Pine Needles, the
Sandhills region and most importantly the USGA, which says the championship
will return in 2007, two years after the men’s Open is played at Pinehurst.

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