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Index of Selected Articles
From the August 2002 Issue
of North Carolina Magazine

Cover Story

Thanks a Million
A thoughtful gift is an increasingly popular way to help build
customer loyalty, but what's appropriate and how much should you pay?

Today in North Carolina
Power Plan Electrifies City's Tax Base
Winston-Salem's tax base gets its most significant boost in 16 years with
news that a Boston-based energy company is building a $400 million power station.


What Recession?
Despite some layoffs and a shaky stock market, consumers'
desire to deather their nests leads to growing sales as many retailers.

Community Profile

Orange County celebrates its rich heritage while
hurriedly building an enlightened future.

Retirement Finances

Carefree Isn't Free
You can retire comfortably, and with great healthcare,
but just be aware why they're called the Golden Years.

Executive Profile

Dream Job
Connie Majure-Rhett's ship came in when Wilmington invited
her to come promote a city that she absolutely adores.

Editor's Desk
State Government
Tar Heel Travels

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