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Advantages Of Membership

Why Should I Join NCCBI?

  • Because membership is a sound investment in your company's good economic future. NCCBI has worked tirelessly to make North Carolina a "good business state." In just the past five years, NCCBI has successfully pushed for lower unemployment insurance taxes, reduced workers' comp premiums, cuts in corporate income taxes, and a package of new economic development tax credits. The economic benefit of those new laws are far greater than the amount of dues any member pays.

  • Because you should do your part. Even though you're not a member, NCCBI already has helped you succeed through its work in the General Assembly and regulatory agencies. Your friends in the business community around the state are shouldering the costs of operating NCCBI, and it's only fair that these costs should be spread out at much as possible.

  • Because you get opportunities to network with other leading business executives. By participating in NCCBI seminars and committee meetings you make valuable contacts that often are useful in business ventures. Remember, nearly all of the Top 100 companies in the state are members.

  • Because you immediately receive valuable services. For NCCBI members, help with a regulatory or political problem in state government is just a phone call away. Members also automatically receive subscriptions to the award-winning North Carolina monthly business magazine; the weekly Legislative Bulletin, an insider's look at politics and legislation in the General Assembly; and the monthly For Members Only bulletin.

What Has NCCBI Done for Me?

  • Successfully fought to reduce the state's corporate income tax rate, formerly the highest in the Southeast.

  • Spearheaded legislation that reformed the state workers' comp laws. Before NCCBI acted, rates had skyrocketed 78 percent in three years. After the law passed, rates held steady and then began falling.

  • Persuaded the General Assembly to slash unemployment insurance premiums. North Carolina now has the lowest unemployment insurance rates in the nation.

  • Provided critical support for passage of the ABCs of Education law and the Excellent Schools Act to ensure that our public schools become the nation's best.

  • Raised $1.6 million and coordinated the statewide campaign to pass the $950 million in highway bonds and the $1.8 billion in school construction bonds on the November 1996 ballot.

  • Advocated passage of four new business tax credits your company can to expand and hire new employees.

  • Persuaded the General Assembly to enact a law offering land owners, developers and lenders protection against environmental lawsuits when reclaiming old industrial sites known as "brownfields."

  • Lobbied the General Assembly to pass a law granting immunity to companies that provide truthful information when contacted about a reference check.

High Praise From a Strong Leader

Gov. James B. Hunt Appearing as the luncheon speaker at NCCBI's 1996 Annual Meeting the event at which members from all over North Carolina gather in Raleigh to impress the business agenda on the state's political leaders, Gov. James B. Hunt enthusiastically endorsed NCCBI and its mission.

"I believe the annual meeting of this organization is the most important meeting held in the state each year. This organization and we in government have had a partnership over the years that has made this state a great place to live," Hunt said.

It was the fourth time that the governor has addressed the assembly. NCCBI also sponsors an annual Legislative Conference each year at which members of NCCBI's nine public policy research committees present their findings and recommendations to key legislative leaders.


Advantages of Membership

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