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Four Year Terms For Legislators

Position: NCCBI strongly supports a constitutional amendment allowing four-year terms for all legislators.

Explanation:  According to The Book of the States, 37 other states currently allow four-year terms for state senators. Five other states currently allow four-year terms for state representatives.

NCCBI believes that four-year terms for North Carolina Legislators, both House and Senate members, would be beneficial for the state and for the business community for several reasons.

First of all, having legislators campaign every four years instead of every two years would be one of the most effective ways to reduce the increasing costs of running for public office. Secondly, legislators will have more time to become acquainted with the legislative process, therefore, making them better policymakers for our state. Lastly, longer terms would allow members of the business community, and citizens in general, more time to build good working relationships with their representatives in state government. It would allow more time for part-time legislators to work at their jobs, to represent their constituents in Raleigh, and to help the voters with problems they may be having with state government.

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