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North Carolina's largest business group proudly serves as the state chamber of commerce


NCCBI’s staff works from offices at 225 Hillsborough Street, Suite 460, in downtown Raleigh, two blocks west of the State Capitol. To reach members of the staff, consult our directory:

Rolf Blizzard
Vice President of Governmental Affairs, 919-836-1406,

Kerry Celestini
Advertising Sales Assistant, 919-836-1419,

Elizabeth Dalton
Director of Governmental Affairs, 919-836-1402,

Phillip J. Kirk Jr.
President, Secretary, Publisher of North Carolina magazine, 919-836-1407,

Jim Mottley
Advertising Account Executive, 276-340-9940,  

Mike Lancaster
Managing Editor of North Carolina, 919-836-1408,

Marsha Lewandowski
North Carolina Subscriptions, 919-836-1414,

Kela Lockamy
Director of Membership Services, 919-836-1409,

Allan Maurer
Senior Editor, North Carolina Magazine; Acting Editor: 919-836-1412, 

Debra Twiford Mueller
Legislative Assistant, 919-836-1404,

Jennifer Nolan
Magazine Ad Traffic Director, 919-836-1405,

Roberta Sorensen
Accounting Assistant, 919-836-1418,

Angel Sutton
Membership Relations Manager, 919-836-1416,

Becky Sparks
Executive Assistant to Phil Kirk, 919-836-1410,

Vicki Wilson
Director of Finance & Human Resources, 919-836-1401, 

Stephen Wissink
Director of Advertising for North Carolina, 919-836-1403, 

Lou Woods
Administrative assistant in Membership, 919-836-1417,

Rosemary Wyche
Vice President of Development, 919-836-1413,

NCCBI Officers
Executive Committee
Past Chairmen and Honorees


Visit us at 225 Hillsborough Street, Suite 460, Raleigh, N.C.
Write to us at P.O. Box 2508, Raleigh, N.C. 27602
Call us at 919.836.1400 or fax us at 919.836.1425

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