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Rail Infrastructure

Position: NCCBl supports long-range transportation planning that recognizes the value of the state's rail system for continued business success, economic growth, and recruitment of new industry. Planning should include support for the existing rail freight system (including industrial access programs), infrastructure improvements that will lead to decreased traffic congestion, rail facility relocation as needed for highway improvements, highway/grade crossing safety, and railroad corridor preservation.

Explanation:  North Carolina enjoys a transportation network that provides a cost-effective, convenient, flexible, and efficient means for movement of people, goods, and services throughout the state. NCCBI believes increased rail infrastructure can greatly improve the state's ability to deliver high quality of life, transportation alternatives with the least impact on the environment and job convenience for the state's employment population to go to and from work. A top priority should be for the state to continue to seek to maximize the return of federal transportation dollars to the state to enhance economic development, or the state will not be able to keep pace with competing states’ transportation systems. The state should encourage research and development projects at state universities which offer meaningful options for the future as the state's population grows.  In noting the importance of rail needs in our state, NCCBI supports funding specifically for rail infrastructure – not funding which is diverted from existing or future highway funds.

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