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Drug-Free Workplace

Position: NCCBI believes that the health and well-being of North Carolina workers and its business environment and economy is better served by a work force free of substance abuse. For this reason, NCCBl supports the right of employers to test for controlled substances. NCCBl especially supports programs which encourage and facilitate developing and maintaining a drug-free workplace.

Explanation: Nationwide, the U.S. Department estimated in 1995 that 38 to 50 percent of all workers compensation claims were related to substance abuse. These workers are three times more likely to be involved in on-the-job accidents, five times more likely to file a workers’ comp claim, and their claims are generally 1.5 times more severe.

The North Carolina Drug-Free Workplace Alliance is one of 23 statewide efforts in the country which help local groups organize programs to deliver high quality, low-cost services to their local businesses such as drug-testing, EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) and education and training.

NCCBI supports efforts such as the North Carolina Drug-Free Workplace Alliance for access to these effective, comprehensive drug-free programs which encourage intervention, rehabilitation and recovery of illegal drug abusers.  Recognizing that other southeastern states such as Florida and Georgia have implemented similar programs, NCCBl supports similar action in North Carolina.

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