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Environmental Positions

Issues on which NCCBI has taken positions are listed below and linked to the position paper on that topic.

Executive Summary
Administrative Procedures Act / Regulatory Reform
Air Quality
Brownfields Redevelopment
Endangered Species/Critical Habitats
Environmental Protection Policy
Environmental Justice
Pollution Prevention, Waste Reduction, And Energy Management
Risk Management
Science Education
Sustainable Development and Growth Planning
Water Quality Protection
Wetlands Protection

Environmental Concerns Committee works on legislative and regulatory issues at the state level and has a special focus on federal air quality issues. and hazardous waste, and risk management. 

Chair:  C. Edward Scott III, former vice president,  R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem
Vice Chair: Carolyn Anderson, Carolina Power & Light Co., Raleigh

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The N. C. Senate and House Committees that address the issues related to the NCCBI positions above are shown below with links to each committee member




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