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Workforce Preparedness

Position: NCCBI supports the advancement of career focused preparation for youth in a system of school-to work transition and Tech Prep programs. NCCB1 also promotes the retraining of adults in the critical skills needed to compete in the global marketplace, and encourages incentives for employers to initiate programs in workforce development.

Explanation: For a competent workforce, people must possess skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and adaptability as well as knowledge of advanced technological concepts. Workers also need strong basic skills in math, science, and communication. Schools must integrate vocational programs with traditional academic courses. Scholastic preparation should incorporate career-focused concepts so that college-bound and work-bound students have adequate preparation for employment Career pathway requirements in both occupational and academic courses must be rigorous; courses designed for the college-bound must include more employment-focused, hands-on activities. Tech prep, apprenticeships, mentoring experiences, job shadowing, and other school- based and work-based experiences must increase. Only through a concerted effort to foster  connections between the classroom and the workplace can North Carolina compete with the many nations that have already implemented this approach.

Strengthened coordination between community colleges, public schools and the university system will result in successful training programs. The JobReady School-to-Work initiative that brings public schools, community colleges and business/industry together in partnerships must be promoted and sustained. Tax credits and other incentives will cause more businesses to offer apprenticeships and internships, which have already proven their worth through greater academic achievement by students and greater satisfaction by students and employers.

All students in North Carolina should have clear career pathways through high school and beyond, with the confidence that their education is sturdy and flexible enough to prepare them for the changing and competitive world of work.

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