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Opposition To Tax Credits, Vouchers

Position: NCCBI remains strongly opposed to the diversion of tax funds to private K-12 schools through tax credits or vouchers.

Explanation: Public schools need continued resources to move teachers to the national average in salaries, additional funds for technology, and funding for additional classrooms to meet the rapidly increasing school-age population. Diverting tax money away from meeting these needs is not the answer to improving public schools.

Business and industry in North Carolina get more than 95 percent of their employees from the public schools, and the biggest percentage of their tax money goes to the public K-12 sector. Private schools are not under any of the state’s accountability measures. Therefore, we will continue to emphatically oppose this proposed raid on the State treasury.

However, NCCBI does join the State Board of Education in supporting the continued orderly growth of charter public schools to give an additional option within the public school system.   Lessons learned from this nationwide movement should guide this expansion and the lessons learned should be applied to the traditional schools.

As long as traditional and charter public schools continue to show the dramatic improvements in student achievement which were begun several years ago, our opposition to tax credits and vouchers will remain in effect.

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