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Parental And Community Involvement

Position: NCCBI supports the position that higher student achievement and safe schools are greatly enhanced through increased parent and community involvement in pre-school through 12th grade education. NCCBI recommends that the North Carolina General Assembly promote and encourage education, business and government agencies to explore innovative strategies to support involvement in such important activities as teacher-parent conferences, volunteerism, and student’s learning activities.

Explanation: Recent research by The Conference Board indicates that employers offering family-focused programs have learned that every $1 invested yields a $2 return on their bottom line. This translates into good business both internally and externally. Companies have documented millions of dollars in savings from reduced absenteeism, reduced employee turnover,  increased productivity, and improved employee morale.

Additional research has documented the effectiveness of parental and community support in the success of North Carolina public school students.  This relationship between family and the workplace and its impact on school readiness is well documented. Despite the increased sensitivity of employers to their employee’s desire for a work-family balance, the pressures on working families continue to escalate according to a recent survey conducted for the National Partnership for Women and Families. Parents not only serve as employees in the workplace, they also serve as their children’s first and most enduring teacher. Employer’s help, as well as benefit from, supporting employees in their role as parents. An environment which enables employees to become knowledgeable and supportive parents adds value to our businesses, our employees, and overall quality of life.

By continuously improving relationships among government, business, and education leaders, we greatly increase the chances that today’s children will be tomorrow’s successful citizens.

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