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Teacher/Administrator Preparation Programs And Facilities

Position: NCCBI recommends that the General Assembly, the State Board of Education and the UNC Board of Governors continue to support the improvement of teacher and administrator preparation and development programs and infrastructure enhancement that is essential to these programs. We further recommend the construction of new facilities and the equipping and renovation of existing facilities that are needed for on-campus and off-campus delivery of high-quality teacher and administrator preparation and development programs and delivery of effective outreach to public schools. Specifically, NCCBI:

  1. Supports recent initiatives designed to improve the preparation and development of teachers and principals, and the outreach activities of schools of education and the Center for School Leadership Development;

  2. Supports stronger links between schools of education and professional development programs and the goals and strategic priorities of the State Board of Education;

  3. Encourages rigorous accountability standards for teacher and administrator preparation and development programs;

  4. Recommends that existing facilities for state-supported schools of education be equipped with state-of-the-art instructional technology and curriculum-appropriate teaching and learning space; and

  5. Supports the construction of facilities that enhance teacher and administrator preparation and development and outreach initiatives to the public schools.

Explanation: Universities and colleges must continue to strengthen their teacher and administrator preparation programs through more rigorous recruitment and selection of prospective teachers and administrators; promoting higher academic expectations; improving the selection of clinical sites; implementing earlier, longer, and better supervised clinical experiences; and increasing partnership activity between university and public school faculty and administrators.

Improved physical resources are also a critical part of efforts to improve educators-in-training and practicing teachers and administrators in order to meet increasingly rigorous expectations and standards. Facilities designed to meet the unique program needs of modern teaching and learning must be available in order to prepare new teachers and administrators, and to renew the knowledge and skills of practicing educators.

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