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Support For Community Colleges

Position: NCCBI recommends that the legislature provide financial support to North Carolina community colleges for 1) equipment replacement in community colleges; 2) higher salaries and instructional support; 3) an increase in non-curriculum instruction; and 4) start up funds for new programs.


1.   Equipment Replacement  - If community colleges are to help provide the employers and employees of this state with the  knowledge and skills demanded by the technology forces which influence the economy of today and tomorrow, colleges must integrate more state-of-the-art instructional equipment into the teaching and learning associated with all programs provided. This effort needs to recognize the replacement life cycle of equipment. Multiple-year replacement cycles are needed in some areas, based upon the useful life of the equipment. Further enhancement of the newly established “Equipment Reserve” is needed and funds are needed to purchase new equipment heretofore not available.

2.   Higher Salaries and Instructional Support - The ability of institutions to respond to the instructional needs of the communities they serve is directly related to the recruitment, retention and replacement of competent faculty and staff. Over-dependence upon part-time faculty and staff limits the system’s capacity to make quality responses to the economic and educational needs of the state. Currently, North Carolina ranks 49th in salaries paid to community college faculty.  Resources are needed to increase the number of faculty and staff with appropriate credentials and job requirements and improve the relative position of faculty in the SREB region to at least that of the regional average. This can be achieved through securing resources in non-instructional areas, and further implementation of the “sliding scale” (position/budgeted ratios). Funding is also needed to increase the Administrative and Instructional Support Allotment.  This funding provides staff which support the faculty and serve students, such as counselors, librarians, registrars, program supervisors, admissions officers, lab assistants, placement officers, and continuing education coordinators. Funds are also needed for “other costs.” Because this item has not been increased since the mid 1980’s, colleges have been forced to transfer funds from salary accounts, in the amount of $20.35 million in 1997-98, to the other cost area to purchase instructional supplies, etc.

3.   Increase in Non-Curriculum Instruction - There is a need to increase the level of non-curriculum instruction funding to parity with curriculum instruction, consistent with recommendations. A consultant’s report has concluded that equivalent funding in both Continuing Education and Basic Skills will lead to a greater emphasis on both programs, which will ultimately contribute to enhanced workforce development.

4.   Start-up Funds for New Programs - There is a need to provide funds for starting new programs of study/training in community colleges.  Currently, community colleges are required to divert funds from on-going programs to initiate new ones.

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